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Avail is a specially designed blockchain which aims to address the Data Availability issue.

High Guarantee

Avail provides a provable high guarantee that the data is available. In constant time get close to 100% guarantee.

Minimum Trust

No need to be a validator or host a full node. Even with a light client, get guaranteed availability.

Easy to Use

Built using modified Substrate, the solution focuses on ease of use, whether you host an application or operate an off-chain scaling solution.

Perfect for Off-Chain Scaling

Unlock the full scaling potential of your off-chain scaling solution by keeping the data with us and still avoiding the DA problem on L1.

Bootstrapping Security

Standalone chains can use Avail to ensure ordered data is always available, irrespective of the application logic.


Fast provable finality. Nominated Proof of Stake using MATIC token. Backed by KGZ commitments and erasure coding.